Terms and Conditions

   A deposit of 50% of your total bill  is required.  If paying a deposit with a credit
card your balance must be paid in full.  NO CASH REFUNDS ON CANCELLATIONS.   If
booking 1 week or less from your event date credit card confirmation required. Please
review the venue location if you give us the wrong address and sign this contract you are
responsible for payment in full regardless if you received services.  If you are outside of
the Quad Cities a credit card confirmation is required.  ALL TELEGRAMS PREFORMED
ARE PAYABLE BY CREDIT CARD ONLY since we do not usually meet the person sending
the telegram.  If you are planning a party in a school or place of business they reserve the
right to allow our services in their place of business.  Approval name and date information
from that business or school is required before we send the contract.

2.        Face paint artist customers.  We do ask that any child that may have sensitive skin
not to be painted.  All face paint products used are FDA compliant and non-toxic.  All
glitter used on face are ophthalmologist tested.  If a child cannot sit still or is scared we
have the right to refuse.  We will not paint anyone that has a contagious condition such as
visible cold conditions or around open sores.  We have wonderful ways of handling such
circumstances in the case that they may rarely occur. Our face paint products are the best
on the market and are water-soluble therefore if rain is predicted the day of your venue a
shelter must be provided and we can substitute with balloons-pocket magic for no extra
charge if you choose to not face paint.  Face Paint is not meant to be worn to bed and we
tell the children this will make a mess on bed linens and could stain skin if worn for that
long of a period of time.  We do not take responsibility to those that choose to not wash
make up off at the end of the day.

3.        Balloon artist customers.  Balloons are a chocking hazard to anyone or animal that
may try to put it in their mouth.  We do bring this to adult’s attention at all of our events.

4.        Magic shows are preferably an indoor event.  If outdoors shelter must be provided
if rain is predicted in the forecast. We do ask while setting up for a show someone
supervises children. We need adequate time to set up (30 minutes to 1 hour).  We also
ask supervision of children while we pack up the show.  We ask that all toys, video games,
or cell phones be put away during the show.  If this is a private party it is preferable that
those that do not wish to watch show are in another area because talking can cause a
distraction for the guests.  If a child or adult interrupts the show continuously (3 times or
more) we do ask that someone could handle the situation rather than the entertainer.  
These situations do not occur often but could cause the entertainer to possibly break
character to deal with the situation if it were to occur.  This guarantees a better show for
all the guests.

5.        Prizes are not recommended for children 3 and under due to chocking hazards.

6.        Rain dates can be held for an additional $25 weekdays and $100 on weekends.  In  
the event of extreme weather conditions for outdoor events we will not hold you to the
terms unless stated on the front of this contract.  You may reschedule your event.  In case
of power outage our emergency contact number is (563)239-3909. If you are calling to
cancel we do however ask for a 3-week notice of cancellation.  If canceling a venue with
24 hour or less notice you will be held to the terms of your contract unless cancellation is
due to severe weather conditions.  Do keep in mind when you cancel your event this
prevents the entertainer from booking other contracts they might have otherwise had for
that given day.

7.        All open to public events.  If your venue is open to public we do ask you to read
special requests that may be added to the front of this page.  All events over 4,000 we
MUST have security in the children’s area.  All events 8,000 and more you must have
someone supervising our area for the safety of our children.  In the event a public
disturbance were to occur the customer would replace props or supplies lost during such

8.        We are insured and will provide proof of insurance upon request.  If you would like
to add yourself as a additional insured you may for an additional $50 (This does not cover
inflatable games, mechanical rides, or animals.  The insurance is a $2 million dollar policy)

9.        Prices are subject to change each year.  If you are a repeat customer we will honor
those prices even if prices increase IF you book each year.

10.        In the event that the entertainer becomes contagiously ill we will provide a
replacement with equal skills to perform at your venue.  We will guarantee your guests will
be satisfied!

11.  Adding music to your event according to law. It is the responsibility of you as the  
business or event sponsor where the music is being performed/played to obtain
permission to perform the music publicly.  The business owner or event sponsor benefits
from the value that music adds to the full experience and enjoyment of the event,
therefore the law places responsibility on you not the entertainer.  Because we as
entertainers that come to your event we are unable to purchase such rights to play
popular music titles.  Royality free music is available but this is not as enjoyable as what is
popular to the public.

12.        . Payment is due upon arrival to avoid extra time charge.  We accept checks,
cash, MasterCard, or Visa.  All returned checks will be charged $15 NSF fee and unpaid
shall bear interest at the rate of 1.75% per month (annual percentage rate of 21%).  
Customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees in the event that any unpaid invoice
must referred for collections.

By signing the front of your contract you hereby accept all terms and conditions of Clown-
A-Round Inc. agreement including, but not limited to the specific terms on this contract.  
Thank you for choosing Clown-A-Round Inc. for your entertainment needs.  We
guarantee your venue will be a big success!

Revised 10-1-2015