All booked up December 5th,6th,12th,and 13th.  
This post is seldom updated please call for availability on
other dates.  Thank you.

Call for a quote:

Laura/Daizy will give you honest advice
based on prior experiences of what
would serve you and your guests best.

I need the following information:

Day of the week and date of the party.

How many guests on the high end will I
be serving?

Are you going to have other activities

Are you going to have helpers if your
party has more than 12 kids?

Any details or concerns about guests that
I will be serving?

Indoors/Outdoors/Back up plans

Birthday Childs name and age

Age range of guests

Planning a party and maybe an
entertainer is out of this years budget.  
That is ok we are more than happy to
be able to help
with ideas!!!!
Send us an email for ideas.
5-7 minutes depending if the child sits still
2-5 minutes Depending if the
child sits still
5-8 minutes
Face Painting is not entertainment.  It is assembly line back to the audience work.  I play music as I
paint I do not talk.  
How many hours do you need to hire a face painter figure 5 minutes per child or 12 kids per hour
on most charts

I am currently working on a super speedy chart goal of 20 per hour. (19 designs to choose from)